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5 Tips for Navigating Winter Weather and In-Person Seminars

November 29, 20233 min read

Marketing for financial advisors includes a diverse range of techniques, from digital advertising to webinars. However, there is still immense value in conducting in-person seminars to establish credibility and generate leads. Unfortunately, winter’s arrival can make the process a little tricky (especially here in Minnesota). How can financial advisors manage efforts for in-person seminars during inclement weather? In this blog post, we will explore tips for navigating winter weather for your financial planning firm.

  1. Plan for Retargeting

When a winter storm strikes, your scheduled seminar may be postponed or canceled, leaving attendees frustrated. To tackle such situations, it is essential to have a retargeting plan in place. You can redirect attendees to join the meeting online if you choose to offer a virtual version or reschedule the event in the near future. Make sure you notify attendees earlier, so they are aware of any changes.

  1. Alter your messaging

It's essential to change your marketing messaging with the season. For example, if your seminar is scheduled in the winter season, it would be wise to mention something about planning for inclement weather rather than ignoring the possibility. Your attendees may feel more compelled to sign up with the knowledge that there is a backup plan in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. This message will likely make the attendees feel more cared for and trusting as well.

  1. Prepare Your Venue

It is essential to keep your venue warm and comfortable for attendees. This is important for every season, not just winter. No one will enjoy sitting in a harsh environment for the duration of your seminar. Ensure the entrance of the venue is properly salted and cleared off of snow and ice. It may also be worth considering if your venue is reliable at clearing snow from the parking lot or if a different venue would be better suited for winter.

  1. Offer virtual attendance

Virtual attendance could prove to be a valuable option, especially when unforeseen events happen. Attendees will appreciate the flexibility to attend online if the weather gets too harsh or if they feel under the weather. Investing in video conferencing software can be a valuable ROI for the future as well. If virtual attendance isn’t something you feel comfortable trying to implement, a recording to be sent out could be valuable. 

  1. The Snowstorm Postponement Plan

Even after implementing all the plans, some events may have to be rescheduled for safety reasons. At such times it's essential to have an agreed-upon postponement plan in place with your team and attendees, which outlines the contingency agenda, rescheduling communication, and a backup plan in case of further cancellation. Even if you can’t or aren’t planning to host another seminar at that location, be sure to directly reach out to registered attendees for near by seminars in the future. 

Your job doesn't stop because of winter weather. By taking a few strategic steps, financial advisors can still make the most of their in-person seminars even in harsh weather. With these tips in mind, get ready to host an informative and successful seminar, no matter the weather. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our marketing for financial advisors, go here!

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